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Monday, June 04 2012

"And when the vultures came down on the carcasses, Abraham drove them away." Genesis 15:11

In the "parable of the sower" Jesus explained to us that the birds that came to pick at, snatch away, and devour that which was sown represents the wicked one. I believe that in the story of Abraham above we see the same thing happening.

Abraham prepared his sacrifice and waited for a sign of acceptance from Jehovah so that he can enter into his divine inheritance, but scavengers came to pick at Abraham's offering to the Lord. Thank God Abraham was watchful, alert, expectant, and not sleeping the sleep of death, such that he was able to drive away the "spiritual spoilers".

Brethren, in our own lives, we need to guide against the same thing happening. When we bring our offerings to the Lord, we must not allow the birds of despair, sorrow and discouragement to pick at us.

When it is time of worship or time of prayer, we must guide against the demons of doubt and destruction from circling over our heads, looking for an opportunity to swoop down and scavenge our sacrifices to the Lord; thereby rubbing us of rewards/blessings available in Christ Jesus for us as children of the most high God.

Abraham made it known to us that when the birds start swooping, we are to start swinging. When doubt and despair come to pick at our hearts and minds, we must pick up the sword of God's truth and start resisting the vultures that seek to prey on our lives.

Whenever you find yourself being preyed on by doubt, depression, discouragement, or despair, arm yourself with God's promises and start making positive confessions. Remember, whenever your heart is overwhelmed, seek the higher rock. He will sustain, uphold, restore and keep you.

In whatever area the scavengers are biting and ripping at you, lay hold and proclaim the word of truth. Connect the truth to the places those scavengers are biting and ripping at you, and you'll see the power of the Lord drive those birds away.

Abraham wasn't going to let his blessings and relationship with the Lord go to the birds, and neither should we. Our sacrifice to God today is our love to Him, and to His Word. If you see the vultures moving in to destroy that sacrifice, do you fight to drive them away? When God gives you an understanding of part of His Word, do you allow some falling angels; fake pastors; false prophets; unbelieving teachers of the Word with culture and traditions of men- discredit the precious seed of understanding given by the Spirit of God? It is high time we protect our sacrifices to God, His word must come first in our lives.

As we stand in faith and continue to wait upon the Lord in expectation of a divine revival, we must do what Abraham did - he drove away "the vultures" that came down on the carcasses. Satan always comes to steal revelation because revelation unlocks the mysteries of God and, therefore, releases the great power of God.

Look, Learn, Listen to His WORD and Live. Jesus is alive!!!

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