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Saturday, January 03 2015

We gladly welcome each and every one of us to this year’s Glory Summit (season of the ministry of God’s word), themed: ....Changed from glory to glory.

The law was so glorious that Moses was filled with joy; however, this glory passed away to reveal the excellence of Christ’s glory in the ministry of the Holy Spirit - so that, it will no longer be “Thou shall not” but rather “God’s will revealed to us in Christ”.  Psalm 40:8 says “I desire to do Your will, o my God”. We henceforth live, move, reign over all things in Christ Jesus. It is no longer “thou shall, thou shall; but “I will, I will, I will”. Ezekiel 36:22-38

God’s Son is in us with power of the Holy Spirit to enrich us by His divine grace until it appears to all that God is transforming us from grace to grace, from victory to victory, from glory to glory until we all come to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, Ephesians 4:13.

Every place that God brings us into in a rising tide of perfection is a place of humility, brokenness of heart and fullness of surrender, wherein only God rules in splendour, power, authority and majesty. It is not where we are somebody, but where God is everything and where we only live for His glory. I believe God is helping us to be sound in mind, right in thought, holy in judgement, separated unto God, and one in the Spirit.

Something that was outstanding in the life of Jesus and the Apostles of old – Acts 4:13, was the fact the people glorified God in them. As we go through this period together in His awesome presence, may we all experience the glory of His countenance such that He will be glorified in all our lives, have His way and our whole-hearted attention and devotion.

A man who knew William Blake said of Blake’s happiness: "If asked whether I ever knew among the intellectual, a happy man, Blake would be the only one who would immediately occur to me." And yet this creative power in Blake did not come from ambition. ...He burned most of his own work. Because he said, "I should be sorry if I had any earthly fame, for whatever natural glory a man has is so much detracted from his spiritual glory. I wish to do nothing for profit. I wish to live for art. I want nothing whatever. I am quite happy."

...He did not mind death in the least. He said that to him it was just like going into another room. On the day of his death he composed songs to his Maker and sang them for his wife to hear. Just before he died his countenance became fair, his eyes brightened and he burst into singing of the things he saw in heaven. ”

May your glory arise and be awaken- Psalms 57:8; 108:2, in this season and throughout your life in Jesus mighty name, amen!

‘Sogo & Abi Adelaja

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