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Friday, January 06 2017

God established an entirely new administration of things with the coming of Christ. The Messiah’s arrival brought an all-encompassing, all-inclusive newness. He brought new hope, ways, life, man, creation, commandment, doctrine, spirit, principles, methods....... Such that, instead of going to the tabernacle, we go to Christ, instead of a priest mediating for us, our Saviour mediates for us etc

The work of Christ (gift) on the cross that brought us newness is decisive and final. It is a gift and we do not earn a gift; a gift is purely a gift – Romans 4:4-5. The only thing that stands in the way of accepting the gift is pride. So that participation in grace will always be a humbling experience.

Although God’s grace has come into the world with the newness it brings, there are, however, contentions to the life-giving power of God’s grace (Rom. 6:14). Paul mentioned such as “sin” (Rom. 6:2), “flesh” (Rom. 7:5), “death” (Rom. 6:9), or “this world” (Rom. 12:2). We have a choice, whether, through our actions in daily life, to partner with God through Christ or partner with those contentions. Paul calls choosing to partner with God “walking in newness of life” (Rom. 6:4). He compares walking in newness of life to Christ’s new life after being raised from the dead. “Just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father, so we too might walk in newness of life” (Rom. 6:4).

To walk in newness of life requires us to live for Christ rather than continuing in our self-serving habits (Rom. 6:12–13). As ambassadors of Christ, we are to act in ways through which the life-giving power of God’s grace builds up people, families and communities in Christ. Our calling is to become instruments of righteousness and reconciliation, working to root out the effects of sin in a troubled world.

Making this kind of change in your life can be exceedingly difficult. Paul says that sin continually seeks to “exercise dominion in your mortal bodies, to make you obey their passions.” Only God’s grace, made real in Christ’s death, has the power to make us free from the old man’s habits. Paul admits that walking in newness of life will feel a lot like slavery at first. Our choice, then, is which kind of slavery to accept—slavery to newness of life or slavery to our old sins. “You are slaves of the one you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness” (Rom. 6:25). The advantage of walking in newness of life is not that it feels freer than slavery to sin, but that it results in righteousness and life, rather than shame and death.

Wellbeloved of God, in anticipation of what promises to be a glorious and impactful time at the very feet of the Master; Our Messiah, we gladly welcome you all to the ministry of God’s word: Glory Summit 2017 – “Newness through the glory of His grace”.

Welcome and God bless!

Yours in Christ,
’Sogo n Abi Adelaja

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